Paper flying machines





Diana Beltran Herrara has captured the subtle high speed movements of birds in flight beautifully in her paper sculptures, renewing my appreciation for flight and the complex and minute movements which are intuitive to birds. 


December 16, 2012   •   paper art nature

Life & mysteries

R - Fitzhenry


July 4, 2012   •   quote

Exciting new animation from London

An amazing promo reel for the London Olympics and BBC. Designed by YR London for BBC’s title sequence for the London 2012 olympics. Iconic superheros engage in dreamy land and cityscapes from UK. Job well done in representing London as a moody and beautiful place. Note; actual olympic experience may differ in reality.

For now lets dream of being patriotic, chiseled athletes that parkour through our home country with an ever-present heros anthem following us. Great soundtrack from Elbow in collaboration with BBC’s orchestra.

July 2, 2012   •   video animation

Thoughtful Jewelry

Sha and Rachel of Meshu have launched these funky lazer cut, 3D printed pieces that are designed by your recorded co-ordinates. Link to your Foursquare checkin data or input your locations on Meshu to custom design your personal narrative jewelry.

I found these beautiful necklaces made from contact lens cases by Katja Fischer on my last visit to Markt Luecke, a neat up-cycle design shop in Zurich. I particularly like the one with the silver cast addition.

Looks like jewelry is the flavor of the month for me. Even though I am not a major wearer of accessories, I do love to find new designs and ideas. Last week I saw 'Jewelry Unleashed!’,  a great exhibit currently showing in the Design Museum Bellerive in Zurich, where a selection of weird and wacky pieces push the boundaries of jewelry as we know it. 

July 1, 2012   •   craft design jewelry

Serenity in Stone

Last week I went to Vals Therme in Switzerland. Each time I go I am amazed at the level of calm that this space infects me with. Outstanding materials, beautiful architecture, the most peaceful experience one can have.

Architect: Peter Zumthor.

July 1, 2012   •   Architecture design

Double designs

Blind Dry / Wallet / Key bottle opener

June 14, 2012   •   design

Paper craft

Came across these very simple and effective paper sculptures made by Annastassia Elias when browsing through Paper Craft 2 a while back. Assembled inside loo rolls, these little silhouetted scenes are really magical and come to life when lit up.

June 11, 2012   •   art sculpture paper craft

Life’s uncertainties

John Allen Paulos, (via)

June 11, 2012   •   quotes

Upcycling for fun







The consistently crafty make-and-doers, Maeve and Gary, sent me shots of their beautiful back yard project in New Zealand. This fantastic kids playhouse was built on a shoestring using only upcycled materials and lucky finds. 

June 11, 2012   •   design architecture interior design children

Porcelain wings

Interesting porcelain work by Ciara O’ Hara at White Wolf Projects. This piece, titled Freedoms Sleep, was inspired by phobias, transformation of feelings and death/rebirth of the soul. Aside from the artists concepts behind the work, I simply love it for it’s aesthetic quality and the play on animal and human links.

June 9, 2012   •   art sculpture